“I would like to congratulate you on your recent “Parallel Thinking” series of talks. There can be few orthodox rabbis who would dare to take on such a wide range of scientific topics, and fewer still who could deliver such a uniformly impressive set of lectures. You did not shy away from presenting the scientific evidence clearly, honestly, and fearlessly, even when it appears to contradict the literal meaning of Torah. This was then cleverly counterbalanced by your presentation of a range of Jewish sources, which often illustrated that these contradictions are not as black and white as they first appear. Many thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into preparing these lectures.” Andrew, Northwood

“Opened my mind to some very controversial topics. Inspired me to study further. Could do the whole course all over again!” Anonymous, LSJS

Quite brilliant in all ways.” Anonymous, LSJS

“All those who came agreed that your approach to the neuroscience and to the Torah views about free-will was very clear and made us think more deeply about it.” Robin, Pinner

“Large volume of topics covered and at a level of understanding for a diverse group. Made much sense even for non-scientists (such as me!). Very stimulating. Well delivered and complimented by good graphics and videos. Brave attempt to synchronise apparently contradictory ideas. Has stimulated good group discussion for some learned attendees. Rabbi Freedman delivers on every front.” Anonymous, LSJS

“I attended your classes on Parallel Thinking at Kinloss. The classes were truly fascinating…” Daniel, Finchley

“The course made explicit issues arising out of various scientific disciplines and their impact on Torah statements and ideas. I certainly learned about issues raised by some scientific disciplines of which I had very limited theoretical knowledge. I have an honours degree in engineering so issues raised by physics and by engineering science were known to me. I must express my appreciation to LSJS for arranging a course on this subject of high quality.” Anonymous, LSJS